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lime green
Title: Canary
Author: arcee_b33
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU
Warning: rape, gangbang, sadistic DongHae
Summary: “You belong to me, remember that or the next time the punishment is going to be harder”.
Notes: Finally, a HaeHyuk! As much as I tried not to think of any rape plots and concentrate on something sweet and fluffy, I couldn’t! How come I’m stuck in this gutter?

Anyways, LJ been super funny lately. I can’t even log in! What’s wrong??

“Aaah ... hmmff ... !”

“Work that mouth bitch, I know you want this!” the man slapped HyukJae to make him suck better.

“Hmmff!” HyukJae had no choice but to take the organ into his mouth.

“Look at this, he’s sucking my fingers in!” another man exclaimed.

HyukJae groaned as the fingers probed deeper into his hole. The vibration sent through his throath sent the man who was fucking his mouth to come undone. HyukJae almost choked on the large amount of come spilling into his throath.

If only DongHae hadn’t used him that rough before ...

“Lick it up bitch!” the man made HyukJae cleaned his spent organ.

HyukJae was not even done when the long finger inside him was crooked, pressing against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside him. HyukJae gave a low cry, his abused member wept harder.

“You wanna get fucked, bitch?” the man on his back sneered.

Another man came and put his hand on HyukJae’s bounded organ, playing with the trapped erection and made HyukJae shuddered.

“You should make DongHae-sshi angry more often”, the man said, “That way we get to taste you regularly!”

“Look, he’s trying to pull my fingers deeper into his hole”, the man on his back commented, “What a slut ...”

HyukJae groaned harder, they made him to kneel on the table, one of them played with his ass, fucking him with two fingers, the other guy toyed with his trapped erection, the one who he just gave a blow job approached him and gave a smirk, before clipping a pair of clamps to his hard nipples.


“Of course bitch!” the man on his side licked HyukJae’s cheek, “We’ll do that in a minute!”

HyukJae turned to his side and saw DongHae was sitting smugly on the chair, watching them taking turn on him as if it was just an interesting TV show.

HyukJae had never thought his life would take such drastic turn. He was just a normal university student. He got a scholarship to one of the best university in Seoul, however, one day Lee DongHae decided to make HyukJae as another one of his conquer.

Lee DongHae was the son of the main sponsor of the University. He could do whatever he wanted to and got away with everything. Using HyukJae’s scholarship, he blackmailed HyukJae into doing a lot of preserve things last year. HyukJae was not even gay, he was just a simple guy, he never thought about having sex with another man, but he had to unless he wanted to be expelled from school.

And so that was how HyukJae had to serve DongHae as his personal sex toy for a semester. DongHae made him to do all the things he never imagined ever existed, if sex with DongHae was bad enough, DongHae made sure that HyukJae would beg and asked to be fucked.

After one semester, DongHae seemed to lose interest on HyukJae. Although HyukJae was traumatized and humiliated by the things DongHae made him do, he had no choice but to keep going to school.

After six months of no signs of DongHae, HyukJae was finally releaved. Rumors said that DongHae went to Europe to continue his studies.

However, when HyukJae was finally moving on and gathered his courage to date Sunny, his nightmare returned. DongHae came back.

He wasn’t too happy to witness HyukJae together with Sunny, holding hands shyly at the cafetaria. He said nothing but HyukJae saw the anger flashing in his eyes.

The next few days were filled with HyukJae’s worries, what if DongHae hurt Sunny? He would never let that to happen!

And today suddenly he was called to an empty class room. DongHae was waiting for him.

He was not alone, he got four of his so-called-friends with him and HyukJae knew that meant trouble.

DongHae said nothing, but the four bullies took no time in cornering HyukJae and it only took five minutes for them to undress HyukJae and molested him in front of DongHae’s eyes.

“Why don’t you beg us to fuck you”, one of the guy said, “Beg us and we’ll fuck you really good!”

“No way!” HyukJae glared.

“Or we can just call your pretty little girlfriend up here and fuck her instead”, the other guy smirked, “How would you like that? We can still fuck you afterwards!”

“Leave her out of this!” HyukJae panicked, he looked at DongHae, how come DongHae looked so damn cool about this?!

“... and probably we’ll let you have a go with her after we’re done”, the guy continued.

DongHae’s right hand fished for HyukJae’s cell phone from the bag, “Look who’s been calling ... it’s cute Sunny wanting to know where her Romeo is at!”

Having no choice, HyukJae finally surrendered, “Please fuck me”.

“What’s that?” the guy laughed, “You should do better than that slut!”

HyukJae swallowed, being fucked by DongHae was one thing, but being forced to beg four guys to fuck him was another thing. But what choice did he have? He wouldn’t let them touch Sunny ...

“Please ...! Fuck my ass!”

With DongHae, he would humiliate HyukJae further and make HyukJae to beg like a slut in heat, however, these four were not DongHae, and they were quite happy with that.

A hot blunt object was suddenly pressed against HyukJae’s exposed anus.

“Aaah!” HyukJae gave a choked whimper as the head went inside his tight opening.

“Damn! He’s so tight!” the first guy who fucked him commented, “He’s sucking me in!”

The first guy fucked him with no interest of HyukJae’s pleasure, this brought relief to HyukJae, at least he wouldn’t come with such brutal fucking!

The guy didn’t last long, he spilled hot come inside HyukJae’s rectum as he moaned obscene insults to HyukJae.

“He’s yours man”, the guy pulled out of HyukJae’s body.

“Damn, look at how tight he is!” another guy spread HyukJae’s butt cheeks and teased HyukJae’s pink opening, trying to clench tightly in reflex.

HyukJae was whimpering, the guy began to rub HyukJae’s opening with his hard member, unlike the first guy, this one was tearing away the bondage around HyukJae’s organ.

Unlike the first guy, this man was pushing his member slowly into HyukJae’s hole, making sure that HyukJae could feel every inch of his cock sinking deeper into HyukJae’s warmth. The first guy’s semen acted like a kind of lubricant so the penetration was not as painful as the first, however, HyukJae blushed in embarassment as he felt his arousal began to stir harder at the treatment.

“Hey boss, can I make him come?” the guy asked DongHae.

DongHae’s small nod was enough of a permission, the guy wrapped his hand around HyukJae’s burning shaft and began to fuck HyukJae slowly.

“Damn, you’re so good! You’re clamping harder into my cock! That’s right, keep that up, bitch!”

HyukJae was totally defeated, his cheeks red in shame, not only he was being raped by DongHae’s order, he was enjoying it.

“You’re leaking now, what a slut ...”

“Ah ...! Ah, nng ... no ... hmmff ...!” HyukJae bit his lips, not wanting more obscene sounds to escape his mouth. The guy was fucking him so hard, he knew what he was doing and he was hitting straight to HyukJae’s prostrate.

“You wanna come bitch? You’re dripping precome all over like a dog in heat!”

“Uwah ...!”

HyukJae could not hold it any longer and reached his ejaculation. His rapist was not far behind, with a grunt, he emptied himself inside HyukJae’s hot channel.

HyukJae was still panting hard when his second rapist pulled out of his swollen hole. DongHae gave a small signal and they backed off.

DongHae took HyukJae’s chin so he was looking straight into HyukJae’s face.

“You know what happens when you disobey me, Hyukkie?” he sneered cruelly, “I can take away everything you have, and do everything you’ll never think of”.

“You belong to me, remember that or the next time the punishment is going to be harder”.

HyukJae could not even think of anything worse than being gang banged and humiliated like this, he nodded.

“You’re going to break up with that girl and you will come to my place tomorrow night”, DongHae said before leaving HyukJae in the empty class room alone.

As soon as the door was slammed shut, HyukJae cried.

He put his clothes on slowly, wincing and groaning everytime his muscles protested. He went home limping, using the back door and mumbled that he was not feeling good so his mom wouldn’t ask anything. He took a long shower, trying to scrub the memory but didn’t succeeded. That night he called Sunny.

It would be better if she was angry at the cold break up news, HyukJae knew he deserved to be hated, but Sunny cried and HyukJae’s heart bled at hearing her sobs.

He tried to sound as cold as he could, ending the conversation and hang up the phone. His body ached all over but his heart ached more.

The next morning, HyukJae found that his body ached even more. He stayed in bed and the day passed so fast. The night came and HyukJae knew he should see DongHae.

He took longer time to get to DongHae’s house since his back side was still smarting, HyukJae hoped the journey would be longer, because he wasn’t ready to see DongHae.

A butler came and opened the door for him as he pushed the door bell to DongHae’s family’s mansion. HyukJae was familiar with this place and the maids and butler knew about him, they let him in and took him upstairs.

DongHae was waiting for him. Looking fresh and handsome as usual, wearing a smart LV bath robe.

“Thank you SungJin, you may leave”, DongHae said to the butler.

Now they were alone in the room, DongHae eyed his prey with interest, HyukJae knew he still wanted to punish HyukJae for the 1001 unbelievable reasons HyukJae could not understand.

“Did you break up with your little girlfriend?” he asked HyukJae.

“Y-yes”, HyukJae replied hoarsely.

“Good”, DongHae smirked, “You don’t belong to anyone but me, understand?”

HyukJae didn’t answer the question, it didn’t matter for DongHae though, he sat on the bed, enjoying HyukJae’s uncomfortably standing in the middle of the room.


HyukJae’s face blushed at the order.

“Do I have to repeat that?”

HyukJae shook his head and slowly did as he was told. He unbuttoned his shirt, taking off the shirt and the wife beater underneath, he unbucled his belt and unzipped his jeans, letting them drop on the floor. Gingerly, he stepped away from them and lowered his boxer.


“Bend over the table and show me your hole”.

HyukJae knew DongHae only did it to humiliate him, to show how much he was in charge and HyukJae was nothing but a slave or a toy to DongHae’s crooked mind. Although he wanted to protest, HyukJae obeyed the command. He reached to his back and spread his butt cheeks wide, showing the little puckering hole, exposing his whole self to the man who claimed to own him.

Cold fingers traced his slightly swollen opening, HyukJae let out an involuntary moan.

“How do you feel?”

“Sore”, HyukJae answered.

“Here?” the finger lingered around the puckered hole, slightly teasing the sore area.

“Yes”, HyukJae gasped.

“Have you learned your lessons? Or should I punish you some more?” a tongue licked the shell of HyukJae’s ear, HyukJae shuddered. A long finger pushed into the hot channel and HyukJae whimpered, he was not ready for this. The finger crooked as DongHae waited for HyukJae’s answer, causing HyukJae to cry out.

“Yes! Yes I’ve learned my lessons!”

“Good”, he could feel DongHae’s evil smirk without even looking back. The finger withdrewed and HyukJae sighed in relief.

DongHae’s cool fingers kneaded HyukJae’s skin, feeling HyukJae’s shoulders, travelling to HyukJae’s back and front, feeling HyukJae’s chest and circling over HyukJae’s pert nipples, he pinched the twin nubs before going lower to HyukJae’s waist, before cupping HyukJae’s member, toying briefly, and went to molest HyukJae’s ass and thighs.

“You’re still as good as I remember”, DongHae kissed HyukJae’s neck.

He led HyukJae to the bed, revealing his heated member, already half hard from playing with HyukJae’s body.

“Suck”, he ordered, pushing HyukJae’s head to meet his organ.

HyukJae understood the command, he kneeled and lowered his mouth to DongHae’s cock.

The moment HyukJae’s hot mouth engulfed the shaft, HyukJae could feel it jumped. Learning from experience, HyukJae hollowed his cheeks and took the shaft deeper into his throath.

DongHae’s fingers tangled on HyukJae’s head, massaging HyukJae’s scalp and urging him to work harder on the hard rod. HyukJae was deep throathing the hard member, using his tongue to lick the base and moved his head to take more of DongHae’s engorged arousal.

“That’s enough”, DongHae pulled HyukJae off his member.

He pulled HyukJae to his lap for a kiss, HyukJae hated kissing DongHae more than anything DongHae made him do. He could just give his body to DongHae but kissing was much more intimate, and he had no love for the man.

However, saying no to DongHae was not going to be easy.

DongHae’s kiss was savage and dominating, HyukJae knew he could never kiss anyone like that.

As the kiss ended, HyukJae was breathless.

DongHae proceeded by kissing HyukJae’s neck, biting lightly the white skin, and licking the collumn on HyukJae’s neck. He continued to scatter kisses and bites on HyukJae’s chest, fingers pinching HyukJae’s sensitive nipples, followed by his hot mouth.

“Nnngh!” HyukJae’s back arched unconsciously as DongHae sucked the protruding nub.

DongHae’s sinful mouth continued to draw moans from HyukJae’s plump lips by attacking his weak spots, HyukJae’s moans escalated, he arched his back and his fingers grabbed the sheets to anchor himself from the pleasure he was feeling.

DongHae wrapped his fingers around HyukJae’s growing arousal, he began to massage the warm member, slowly at first and gradually picking his pace. HyukJae let out another moan and his hips buckled in instant. As much as his mind hated DongHae for manipulating his body like this, his body had learned to obey DongHae’s touch.

“You like that, don’t you?” DongHae whispered lowly on HyukJae’s ear, “No woman can ever please you, no one else could make you come, no man could claim you because you’re mine!”

“Hnggg!” HyukJae moaned as DongHae palmed his erection faster.

DongHae placed his own member against HyukJae’s and started to rub them together, HyukJae arched his back again, groaning and panting harder at the feeling of the familiar shaft.

“No one can bring you pleasure but me!” with that, DongHae twisted HyukJae’s erect nipples cruelly, he took HyukJae’s mouth into another kiss, swallowing HyukJae’s whimpers.

HyukJae’s body was getting hotter, the fire that he stored hidden inside his body for months had errupted, turning him into the same slutty whore DongHae trained months a go, willing to do anything in exchange of pleasure.

“Ah ... pl-please ...” HyukJae moaned.

“That’s right, who owns you Hyukkie?” DongHae’s smirk widened.

“Y-you ... DongHae-sshi ... I belong to you ...” HyukJae panted sexily.

“Now up!” DongHae ordered.

HyukJae was made to stand on his four, spreading his legs to reveal his pink opening to DongHae’s eyes. HyukJae felt cool lube was dripped on his swollen entrance, followed by DongHae’s fingers coaxing his sore ring of muscles to open up. He tried to relax his muscles as much as he could, knowing that his body would protest much if he doesn’t.

“Haaa ...ngggh!” HyukJae moaned harder at the feeling of more lube filling his heated opening, the thick cool liquid filling his tight tunnel and to HyukJae’s surprise, the feeling only made him harder.

“Come here and show me how much you want this”, DongHae laid back on the bed, on top of the soft pillows, stroking his own engorged shaft, slick with lube and precome.

Slowly, HyukJae crawled to DongHae’s lap, steadying the thick rod that was DongHae’s arousal with one hand and his other hand spreading his ass cheeks, slowly rubbing the head of DongHae’s member against his slick hole, before pushing the organ into his prepared hole.

“Oooh ...” HyukJae gasped as the head was pushed into his tight orifice.

He lowered himself, letting the pulsating shaft penetrated his anal opening deeper. His own member jumped into a deeper state of arousal at the feeling of being filled.

Suddenly DongHae pushed his hips upward, causing his member to ram deeper into HyukJae, he pushed HyukJae down to make HyukJae takes the penetration deeper.

“Aaah ... T-too much ... ah ... Hae-sshi ... “

“What a liar”, DongHae said, “You’re leaking so hard down here”, he rubbed the head of HyukJae’s organ, spilling pre come steadily.

“No ... you’re wrong ...” HyukJae gasped.

DongHae took HyukJae’s hand and led it to stroke the weeping erection, he made HyukJae to bounce on his lap and soon HyukJae was fucking himself on DongHae’s lap, whorish moans and pants escaped his plump lips everytime DongHae’s organ hit the pleasure spot hidden inside him.

DongHae smirked to himself, although he was considered as a sadistic and selfish guy, he didn’t care. He couldn’t let HyukJae go, HyukJae was extremely sensual and he had never met anyone who could turn him this much before. HyukJae’s slick body was bouncing steadily on DongHae’s lap, the view was erotic, furiously rubbing his own member with that dreamy look on his face, DongHae decided, nothing would take HyukJae away from him.

“Ah ... haaah ... H-Hae-sshi ... I’m ah ... cl-close ...”

“Oh, are you?” DongHae could feel the sweet hole was spasming deliciously against his hot rod.

“Y-Yes! Ah ... H-Hae ... pl-please ... I want to ...! Ah! I want to come!”

HyukJae was such a good boy, he knew not to upset DongHae by coming without DongHae’s permission.

“Tell me who do you belong to?”

“H-Hae ... ah ... I belong to you ...!”

And with a strangled cry, HyukJae’s member exploded, spurting white come all over his body and DongHae’s lap.

Not even waiting for HyukJae to recover, DongHae pushed the smaller man to the bed and reversed their position. With this position he could fuck HyukJae harder.

HyukJae could only let out small whimpers as DongHae stabbed him deeper and deeper with each thrust, DongHae’s hard organ was stirring his insides, attacking his bundle of nerves, and sending his sparkles of white to his eyes.

DongHae’s thrusts became more and more urgent, he took HyukJae’s mouth into a deep kiss, before he reached his peak, emptying his load inside HyukJae’s body.

Thirty minutes later, HyukJae was laying on DongHae’s side. DongHae’s idle fingers were toying with HyukJae’s erect nipples, he knew how sensitive HyukJae’s nipples were and took it to his advantage. HyukJae’s member was half hard, DongHae liked to keep his control on HyukJae like that and HyukJae hated it.

“I don’t want you to flirt with anybody”, DongHae told HyukJae.

“Yes ... I won’t”, HyukJae replied.

“I know you’ll be a good boy”, DongHae smiled, kissing HyukJae’s cheek, “I have a present for you, why don’t you get it? It’s on the top drawer”.

HyukJae knew that DongHae’s presents wouldn’t be something he would like, but he followed the order. His muscles protested as he tried to move, so he crawled to the end of the bed to reach for the chest of drawers across the room.

He found a red velvet box with an engraving of a famous jeweller on the top lid.

“Come here and open it”.

HyukJae opened the box obediently, inside he found a silvery necklace with a diamond studded tag.

Property Of Lee DongHae.

HyukJae gulped.

“It’s platinum, you’ll look good in it”, DongHae said, “Do you like it?”

Tears pricked HyukJae’s eyes, what was DongHae thinking?

“Please don’t make me wear this”, HyukJae begged softly.

“Don’t you belong to me?” DongHae’s tone was cold and dangerously close to displeasure.

“Y-yes ... but ...”

“Didn’t you promise that you’ll only serve me?”

“Y-yes ... b-but ...”

“Then you have to wear it”.

HyukJae bowed his head, there goes the last stitch of his pride and freedom...

DongHae took the necklace from HyukJae’s shaky hands and clasped it on HyukJae’s neck.

“You look beautiful”, he said, satisfied.

Tears fell from HyukJae’s eyes.

“What do you say when you get a present?”

HyukJae bit his lower lip to stop a sob from escaping, “T-thank you”, he said hoarsely, “It’s lovely...”

DongHae made HyukJae to sit with him on the bed again, gathering HyukJae’s body close, he kissed HyukJae’s eyelids, “I’ll be working with my father’s company in London next month and continue my studies there, I’m here to take care of the academic papers”, he held HyukJae closer, “I want you to come to London with me, you’ll have two months to prepare yourself, I will arrange for your scholarship to be upgraded into International Education Sponsorship”.

HyukJae listened to the plan with heavy heart, DongHae had done it, taking him away from everything he loved and isolating him to a new place where he would know no one but DongHae.

“You’re going to like London, Hyukkie ... and I’m sure a change of scenery would be good for you”.

“You can’t do this!” HyukJae protested meekly, “I –I haven’t agreed to this!”

“Why would you not agreeing?”

“My family ... my friends ... and ... and ... my life here ...!”

DongHae kissed HyukJae’s lips to silence him, “Of course your family would be happy for you, not only you succeeded in getting a priceless sponsorship, you’ll be continuing your studies in London! Isn’t that wonderful? And you don’t need friends or life, you belong with me HyukJae”.

HyukJae was screaming inside.

He was completely trapped for life.

He closed his eyes as another fast tears was threathening to fall.

“Are you tired Hyukkie? Why don’t you go to sleep ...”

That was the beginning of life in a golden cage for HyukJae.


ENd Notes: Seriously, anyone else having the same problem as I have??? I couldn't even open LJ for days!!

donghae really scary!!!!!!!
he's too demanding!!!!!
but this fic kinda hot!!!

yeah I face the same problem as you yesterday....
it make me a little mad....

btw can you make the sequel??????
I wanna know how is eunhyuk's life in london....
*puppy eyes*

i didn't plan to make him THIS demanding and scary at first but everything just rolled smoothly and in the end i found him turning into a sadistic bastard kkk
sequel? ...
hmm ... really?
let me think of that ok?

Oh my god. I'm tearing for Hyukjae! but damn that was hot, cruel!Hae is awesome.

omg yeah i had the same problem a week ago!

you did? i'm so glad that's over!
thank you for your reply and was it just me or hyukkie does look super hot in blonde?

im expecting a brutal rape-__- but why did it happen with those man not hae?
lolz life in a golden cage isnt a bad idea either, at least he’s goin to be an exceptional~

i was thinking about something different for once
i'm glad you found this acceptable.
well ... life in a golden cage would be ok for the canary, right?

omg that was so hot.........please write asequel...
i wanna know where this is going...please please please (poupy eyes)...well anyway it was realy good good job as always

a sequel? let me think first ok?
thanks for reading!


hahaha thanks!!
sequel? with kibum?
hmm ... sounds interesting. i will think of that ok?

it's so hot and scary and ...
who am i kidding? i love possessive!hae!!!
this rocked!!!!

thank you!
scary? really? kkk

ROFL at warning of : "heavy smut"
surely it cant get more smutty than u've already done XD

anyways im gonna spot for now,
need to concentarte on finding a job >_<

and yeah LJ was down for a few days, apparently it got DDOS attacked, so was loading slowly or not at all. but it's all good now ^-^

HOLY suidga;jfbga;ifeug; CRAP!

man ur mind is really in the gutters
because your "naughty naughty" *jokes* :P

i thought the gang bang rape was hot, with hae being all cruel lover watching the show,
but the actual haehyuk rape/smut/whatever was SUPER HOT!

u seem to have a thing lately of straight!hyuk begging to be fucked by a mean hae *kekekeke*

as many people have said, SEQUEL~!

though tbh im pretty happy with the ending, no more freedom for hyukkie, just life as hae's sex toy *grins~*

thanks ♥

Damn ! This is so good >.< . I demand for sequel,please make hyukie less suffers

ok i will consider that!

ok honestly i am incoherent after every fic you write... @3@
you are phenomenal at writing smut!!!!!
... *faints* x_x

*revives to give a p.s.* yes that happened to me too, the down time...there was a DDoS attack on the server or something, i think...

*rereads and faints again*

thank you!
and since you like rape!hyuk, let's join the hyuk!rape fest in the year of the smut!

wow! that's sad... poor hyukkie but it's a great fic!!!

O________O I am, once again, remain speechless.....
I swear Donghae was s sadistic here it's scary~
well, I guess that would be the point for Hyukkie but still, it gives me chills too~
That was definitely the hottest and scariest stories I've read.
and is it bad that I thought Donghae's fake kindness was kinda....cute??dx

it seems like this hae is the most sadistic hae i ever made ...? everybody commented that! i wonder if that's because of the rape ... hmm ... let's see if i can beat my own record soon.
thank you for reading!


horny bastard fishy is hot! hahaha i'm glad you agree with that
thank you for reading bb!


yeah, but LJ team said that this site got crashed by something, they even said sorry to us, the users, and they said that it's okay now, they'd fixed the problem hehe.

oh unnie, do u have twitter account??^^

more smut? of course dear, this is the year of the smut after all!
thank you for reading!!
well i don't have a twitter account, not planning to make one until i can get out of this land of internet-less-ness

GO HAE!!(though he hurt my hyukkie)
but as long as it is haehyuk, i don't mind hae doing anything to hyuk
i totally love this!!hope there will be a sequel~

thank you!
as for a sequel, i'm working on it and see if i can get it done.

*saves my spot*

*kicks* lj was bitching since weeks ago

i'll be waiting for you to come back dear :P


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